Twin Falls


I was itching to get the kids out of the house and I wanted to take them somewhere they had never been before.  We met up with some friends and hit the road.

It had been 10+ years since I had been to Twin Falls.  I was shocked at how different it was…different in a mixed feelings kind of way.  Back in the day, people hardly even knew where to pull over on the highway.  You could find a handful of cars parked on the side of the road and that would be your marker to know you have arrived.   There was a skinny trail that you would have to push your way through the ever overgrowing bush.  The secret trails were barely noticeable.  We would have to go with our gut instincts and inner compasses until we could find tiny clues of an unmarked path.

Boy, have things changed!  The parking was kind of ridiculous.  They actually had a person monitoring the traffic and the line to the farm stand.  So. Many. People.  There had to have been hundreds of people there.  The caretakers of the land have commercialized the falls, big time.  I will say that it was kind of nice to have a wide open road to walk on instead of a skinny path… for the kids and my baby bump.  Also, the landscaping is beautiful!  People who don’t live here probably couldn’t even tell that so much of the colorful jungle they were walking through was put there.  It looks so natural. I think that’s why I loved it.

A couple of the falls that we initially walked to were overcrowded, but thankfully, my friend remembered a waterfall that was off the beaten trail…no tourists allowed.

Hallelujah!  We had arrived at our final destination!


Overwhelming and under-crowded. Just the way I like it.




It was perfect for the kiddos!IMG_8844

And refreshing for the mamas!


Click here to find out more about Twin Falls Maui.


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Year! Holy moly, 2014 went by so fast.  I swear, the older I get, the faster time goes by. I started the year off spending the day with my favorite people, my family.



As I reflect on last year, I realize that I set a lot of goals for myself, and I am proud to say that I accomplished most of them.  Blogging more was one of my goals last year, which I failed miserably at.  Obvs.  Hee hee.  Which prompted me to give the blog a new look for the new year.  Tadah!

 This year, I want to simplify, get back to the basics.  I want to get down to the things that are most important in every aspect of my life- body, mind, and spirit.  I’m getting in declutter mode, from the food that I eat, the relationships I cultivate, the stuff I buy, to my schedule, and most importantly, my faith.

I look around my house and I think, “Whoa, where did all this stuff come from?”

“Oh, wait, I know…I love finding treasures at thrift stores, and I can’t pass up getting an incredible deal on something that could be useful, even though I don’t need it!”

I look at my busy family schedule and think, “Why do I let myself get so exhausted with all the things we have to do and places we have to go?”

“Oh, yup, I almost forgot, I have a complex about not having a social life because I am a stay at home mom.” TMI?!?

The list goes on and on.  I know its not going to be easy…letting go of a lot of things that I am used to, but I feel like its really important for me to re-evaluate what my Enough is.

Here are some inspiring quotes(scalped from the inter web) and more of my photos from yesterday’s adventure:

Say no to the good, so you can say yes to the best.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.


Collect moments, not things.IMG_9931 Make it simple, but significant.

Find joy in the ordinary.IMG_9938

Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

So fill your heart with what is important and be done with all the rest.

 IMG_9965 IMG_9971

Less is more!

House of the Sun

If there is ever a time that I feel closest to God, it is in nature or with my family.  This is why spending quality time with my family outside is my euphoria.

One of my favorite places to watch the sunset on Maui is at the tippity-top of Haleakala.  We usually pack a picnic dinner and stuff the car with blankets and our warmest clothes for layering on the way up.haleakalaAbove the clouds, Haleakala boasts the most spectacular views on Maui.  You can see four surrounding islands, sometimes five, from the summit.

This time we were early enough to check out the crater before the sun set.  M thought it was pretty awesome that we have our very own dormant volcano.


I had to share Little Man’s best dino face….

hale maks

It was fah-ree-zing!  My car thermometer dropped down to the 40s!!!  There was about a 30 degree change.  Thankfully it wasn’t too windy.  No chapped cheeks this time 🙂


Aaahhhh! Those sunset lined clouds…Ooooh!



As you can see, we weren’t the only ones with this great idea.  And a great idea, it was.
maksilvs…M posing with a Silversword (‘Ahinahina) in bloom.  Can you believe this lovely indigenous plant only blooms once in its life and then dies? It can live to be over 90 years old.

Visiting Haleakala is always well worth the trip.  I hope it isn’t too long before we are back.

If you want to check out Haleakala a little more click here.

Krashing Ka’anapali


This is me and my little sister, Samara.

I was kidless for a few hours, so we decided to play tourist and have a tubular Tuesday at Black Rock, Pu’u Keka’a.

Two wahines, a tube, and a snorkel set made for hours of Pacific Ocean drenched amusement.

I thought it would be fun to share my beach bag essentials.  I like to stick to the KISS method on this one.  Some days I will beach it with me and a pareau and nothing else, but I knew we would be here for a bit, so I packed up.




My essentials list

Pareau– also known as lava lava, sarong, beach wrap.  I love this multi functional accessory.   When not at the beach, it can be used as a  dress, scarf, blanket, purse, etc.  Like I mentioned above, if I didn’t have anything else, this would be my number one must.

Beach Towel- I must emphasize the beach towel.  Beach towels are considerably larger than regular bath towels, and it makes a huge difference to me.  I like to have the larger real estate.  My pareau can also double as a beach towel if I’m packing light.

Sunscreen– I like to stick to the natural products as much as I can.

Right now I’m using  Kiss My Face Sun Spray Oil spf 30.  I always keep a “floating” sunscreen.  This one changes depending my skin’s needs.  I love that it has a spray function.  It definitely comes in handy for all those hard to reach areas.  It also smells yummy.

The second skin product is my Monoi de Tahiti Oil.  This one is very nostalgic for me.  Its a body oil by Yves Rocher.  My mom always used this when I was younger.  I have loved this product for at least two decades. I use it sparingly, and it lasts.  The smell is divine and it keeps your skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Lastly, My homemade sunscreen.  I love, love, love this.  Its great for all ages, but especially the littles.  Its water proof and made with all natural and organic ingredients.  Me and one of my besties started making it when my daughter was under 6 months old.  There was nothing else  I would have put on her.  We started selling our sunscreen, and are in desperate need of making a fresh batch.  I have been trying to prolong the life of this bottle because it is my last.

Hat– This is my go-to hat.  I love marketing for our company.  This is an easy way to do just that while protecting my noggin from the sun’s shiny rays. Plus, I think the colors are radical.

GoPro– I love this little gem of a memory capturer.  I was super stoked to have it on this day, because I just received the bobber extension.  An attached hair band wasn’t cutting it anymore.

And that is it.  Plain and simple.  The less I have, the less I have to carry, worry about, and/or clean the sand off of.

Again, this is my kidless bag.  If I had the kiddos My beach supplies would at least double….maybe in another blog post.

Here is a handful of the photos we took.


P.S.  I know you are reading this Mom.  See how much fun we are having together on Maui?!? 🙂


Foraging on a Friday

I remember watching a tv show where a chef of a well accomplished restaurant would forage for the menu items each day.  “How cool is that?” I thought.  The whole menu would change depending on what the chef could find on his daily walk/hike.

It made me think of one of my childhood fantasies.  I always though of how awesome it would be to be stranded on a deserted island and have to survive off of whatever I could.  This dream was long before Survivor, but maybe watching Swiss Family Robinson or Blue Lagoon one too many times had an influence on me.  Maybe it awakened something from my native Hawaiian roots.  Or, maybe its deeper than that.  It could just be because I live and move on this great planet called earth.

Living off the land is a basic activity for all living creatures since the beginning of time.  We have lost touch with the distance and time it takes/should take for our food to reach our plates, but that is a-whole-nother blog post.

Foraging, FYI, is basically searching for wild food sources, an animal instinct of sorts.

Yesterday, me and one of my besties set out to do just that.

Our mission: Watercress and Pohole Fern Salad


And yes, we really do hang out in our bikinis and let our children run around naked pretty much every time we are together.


Beautiful mama.

It was a little adventure carrying naked babies through the river while dodging fiberglass grass and spiderwebs, but i think it was worth it.

And here is our final product…


The only thing we added that wasn’t wild and free was the tofu and our dressing.  If you are curious, I can’t tell you the exact measurements, but we made our yummy dressing with sesame oil, mayo, vinegar, shoyu and sugar.  At the last minute we added papaya, from outside, of course.

Soo ono.

Goats Who Surf




Today, we took  a quick trip to lower Kula to visit Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy.  I can’t believe it took me this long to go there.  I love their cheese!  The Surfing Goat cheese is widely used in many of the restaurants and hotels on Maui.



The surfboard laden goat farm is a great place to take the kids to hang out with other kids. Heehee.  Get it?  Kids?

Surfing Goat Farm offers tours and other fun activities.  They also have a kitchen that can whip up a tasty treat made with goat milk products.  I hear they have a mean lilikoi cheesecake.  They even have a children’s play area.

Click here to check out their website.   The recipe section is especially exciting.  Yum.

I highly encourage you to give them a visit.


And I’ll leave you with this cheesy joke…

What do you call a goat with a beard?


A Whale of a Date


I had been waiting for the right time to take my son on his first whale watch boat trip.  He just turned 5 last week.  It was time.

These days, at any given moment on Maui, you can glance at the ocean and see a spout or splash.  Whale season is in full effect.  They are everywhere and the population keeps growing.  Some like to refer to it as Whale Soup.  I refer to it as Pali Traffic.  Heehee.

I still get excited every time I see a whale.

We spotted our first whale seconds after we left the harbor.

I was eager to see the gentle giants of the sea, but I was equally stoked on the more than impressive views of Maui from the ocean.  The Pali looks like what I would imagine the coast of Ireland to resemble.

It was very wet and windy, but non-the-less, it was a great date day with my little man.


If you want to know more about Maui’s mammoth mammals, click here to get educated.

A Sunset Story

Last night I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed.

We had been driving down the right road at the right time.  It had just rained for three days straight; a rare occurrence for Maui.  The sky was dark and sweet coldness was in the air.  I saw it coming.  I saw the clouds breaking.  Wet reflections everywhere.  I longed for my real camera. I had a feeling that it could be one of those moments.  Why didn’t I have it on me, ready for action?  My hubs offered to pull the car over, a demonstration of his love for me.  We would be late for our dinner reservation.  I leapt out of our water beaded car.  And there it was.  I watched it unfold before my eyes.  Soaking. it. all. in. The silhouettes.  The changing colors that lit up the entire sky.  The tourists, ecstatic for the hope of sunshine.




I have witnessed hundreds of amazing sunsets in my life, but this one truly took my breath away.  I felt the heaviness of it, like a thick down comforter on a chilly night.  I was enveloped in the weight of it.

It’s no coincidence that today I read about God’s glory.  Kabod, it comes from the root word heaviness.  It takes the word heaviness to a-whole-nother level for me.  This is what I couldn’t exactly put my finger on.  The heaviness, the weight, the breathlessness, the glory, the beauty.  My heart stilled in awe and jumping for joy at once.  A feeling that I often find hard to explain in real words.

I am reminded of one of my favorite snippets of scripture:

Psalm 19:1-3

The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
    night after night they reveal knowledge.
They have no speech, they use no words;
    no sound is heard from them.
Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,
    their words to the ends of the world.


I love this quote I found a while back, on Pinterest:

”May we be consumed with the Creator of all things rather than with things created.”

Sunrise, Surfing, and Spousal Sentiments

20131022-165727.jpgIt was a full moon. A storm was brewing in Japan and the Kona winds had created the ultimate scenario for spending our Sunday at the liquid chapel. With a swift, spontaneous decision, we decided to pack up and head on the road to camp out at one of our favorite secret spots. If you live on Maui and know this little island we call home, the pictures will give away our location, but if not, I’ll never tell.

I love my hubs and I get excited about the things he is excited about. Out of the many things he excels at, he is an outstanding surfer. Many who know him will tell you that, but he would never admit it himself. I really enjoy going to the beach with him when he surfs. I love watching him in action, punting airs and pulling into barrels, doing things the upcoming Maui groms in magazines are notorious for. I cheer him on, on the inside. “Yah, babe! Good one!” He would never hear me over the pounding waves or my pounding heart. I always make sure to show the kids from shore, “Look, there’s Daddy on that huge wave!” Hoping they share my enthusiasm for our fearless family leader.

I hope and pray that my son grows up to be as rad as his dad….not just a great surfer, but a great man. A lover of all that is good. And also, for my daughter that she would someday find a husband as fun and selfless and exceptional.




I wish I got better shots. This series was taken just at the crack of dawn and I needed to put my camera down to attend to our awakening love children.