plants, plants, plants.

IMG_0869I Love plants!  I have greenery in every room in my house.  Every plant I keep is super easy to maintain.  No fake plants allowed.

For me, bringing the outdoors in boosts my mood, keeps the air clean, and adds great aesthetics to my decor.  I have bought a few of my potted plants, but most of my indoor foliage comes from my own yard, or has been split from other plants for no cost at all.  Here are some of my favorites….plants

Boston Fern, Aloe, Aridang Orchid, Mother’s Tongue, Monstera.

Many plants can be cut and kept in just water for months, even years.  Here is an example of some of my plants that have been propagated just by taking a cutting and putting it in water.


You can clearly see the root growth.  This was pruned off of an overgrown hanging vine in my son’s room about two weeks ago.IMG_0903

Song of India

I absolutely love these plants.  We had them in our back yard at our old house, so they are a little sentimental. I also took cuttings from a hybrid plumeria tree and a red ti that I have planted in our new yard.  For some plants, its that easy.  IMG_0887IMG_0889

Spider Plant

Here is an example of a Spider Plant that I just brought in. Easy as 1, 2, 3.spiderplant1. Cut a baby off of the main plant.

You can see the yellow stem, where I cut it off.  I like to leave a little of the stem on because it helps balance the plant in the container, before its roots grow.

2. Place in any container with water.

Any container will do.  Its fun to get creative with this part.

Make sure just the bottom of the plant is in the water.  You can already see where the baby root buds are coming out.

3. Put in a well lit area.

Watch your plant grow and add a lively element to your living space.


If I’m ever feeling like I need to add more vegetation to my home, without having to actually plant anything, I take a walk outside with my clippers.  I look for pretty flora, put it in a vase, and whalah!  Instant gratification.