Toddler Trucker Hat DIY

Summer has begun and the heat has definitely gone up a notch.  We spend a lot of our time outdoors.  For some odd reason, I have been having a difficult time finding cute trucker hats for toddler girls.  I decided I would go my own way and make one.  Here are the supplies I used….–toddler trucker hat, purchased on Amazon with Prime for about $6

–left over material I had from a blanket I made a few years ago

–embroidery floss, $.36 from Walmart

–embroidery needles, about $1 from Walmart

–sewing scissors

I cut out the cutest fish I could find on my batik fabric.  I had a hard time deciding if I should leave it square or cut out the outline of the fish.  As you can see, the fish shape won, but the square looked really good too.

I wasn’t too concerned with having everything flawless.  I like the little imperfections.  I left about a half an inch around the fish for my embroidery floss stitching.  Then, I centered my fish, pinned it down, and began stitching around the fish.  A little trick I did was that I started stitching from the bottom center of the fish.  On the inside of trucker hats, there is a little sweat flap that completely conceals the beginning and ending knots of my thread.

And, here it is!  I think its super cute!  I want to make more.  

I decided I am going to go back and rough up the edges with a toothbrush a little bit to give it more of a fringe look.

Yay for cute sun protection!


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