Krashing Ka’anapali


This is me and my little sister, Samara.

I was kidless for a few hours, so we decided to play tourist and have a tubular Tuesday at Black Rock, Pu’u Keka’a.

Two wahines, a tube, and a snorkel set made for hours of Pacific Ocean drenched amusement.

I thought it would be fun to share my beach bag essentials.  I like to stick to the KISS method on this one.  Some days I will beach it with me and a pareau and nothing else, but I knew we would be here for a bit, so I packed up.




My essentials list

Pareau– also known as lava lava, sarong, beach wrap.  I love this multi functional accessory.   When not at the beach, it can be used as a  dress, scarf, blanket, purse, etc.  Like I mentioned above, if I didn’t have anything else, this would be my number one must.

Beach Towel- I must emphasize the beach towel.  Beach towels are considerably larger than regular bath towels, and it makes a huge difference to me.  I like to have the larger real estate.  My pareau can also double as a beach towel if I’m packing light.

Sunscreen– I like to stick to the natural products as much as I can.

Right now I’m using  Kiss My Face Sun Spray Oil spf 30.  I always keep a “floating” sunscreen.  This one changes depending my skin’s needs.  I love that it has a spray function.  It definitely comes in handy for all those hard to reach areas.  It also smells yummy.

The second skin product is my Monoi de Tahiti Oil.  This one is very nostalgic for me.  Its a body oil by Yves Rocher.  My mom always used this when I was younger.  I have loved this product for at least two decades. I use it sparingly, and it lasts.  The smell is divine and it keeps your skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Lastly, My homemade sunscreen.  I love, love, love this.  Its great for all ages, but especially the littles.  Its water proof and made with all natural and organic ingredients.  Me and one of my besties started making it when my daughter was under 6 months old.  There was nothing else  I would have put on her.  We started selling our sunscreen, and are in desperate need of making a fresh batch.  I have been trying to prolong the life of this bottle because it is my last.

Hat– This is my go-to hat.  I love marketing for our company.  This is an easy way to do just that while protecting my noggin from the sun’s shiny rays. Plus, I think the colors are radical.

GoPro– I love this little gem of a memory capturer.  I was super stoked to have it on this day, because I just received the bobber extension.  An attached hair band wasn’t cutting it anymore.

And that is it.  Plain and simple.  The less I have, the less I have to carry, worry about, and/or clean the sand off of.

Again, this is my kidless bag.  If I had the kiddos My beach supplies would at least double….maybe in another blog post.

Here is a handful of the photos we took.


P.S.  I know you are reading this Mom.  See how much fun we are having together on Maui?!? 🙂