A Whale of a Date


I had been waiting for the right time to take my son on his first whale watch boat trip.  He just turned 5 last week.  It was time.

These days, at any given moment on Maui, you can glance at the ocean and see a spout or splash.  Whale season is in full effect.  They are everywhere and the population keeps growing.  Some like to refer to it as Whale Soup.  I refer to it as Pali Traffic.  Heehee.

I still get excited every time I see a whale.

We spotted our first whale seconds after we left the harbor.

I was eager to see the gentle giants of the sea, but I was equally stoked on the more than impressive views of Maui from the ocean.  The Pali looks like what I would imagine the coast of Ireland to resemble.

It was very wet and windy, but non-the-less, it was a great date day with my little man.


If you want to know more about Maui’s mammoth mammals, click here to get educated.


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