My decorating style is ever changing. One thing that have always liked is the use of natural elements and textures. Lately I have really been liking the look of white decor with color splashes here and there. It’s so clean looking, and I sure like that! Too bad Maui’s dirt sticks to everything.

When we first moved into our house about 6 years ago, I had the idea to buy a picnic table at Home Depot, and use it as our dinning room table.

A) It was cheap. A little over $100.

B) It could snugly fit at least 8 people around it.

When I originally purchased the table, I had always planned on painting it. I thought it would be fun to do a lacquered red, bright and shiny.  Boy, am I thankful for not going that route!

Luckily, one bright Saturday morning, while my husband was at work, one of my besties offered to come over and watch the kiddos for me.  She also lent a hand in pre-sanding(my least favorite part).  My palm sander is M.I.A.  😦

You can see the before and after photos below.  Sorry for the bad lighting.

Here is how i did it.

I(we) sanded the whole thing down.  The old juice and oil stains left it with a little more character.  Heehee.  I also left some of the original stamping to give it more of an original feel.

After sanding, I used a semi-gloss white paint.  I knew I would need a bit of gloss for the high traffic this puppy would be getting.  Easy on, easy off.

I made a mixture of equal parts paint and water, an then I went to town.

I worked my way over the table in smaller sections an wiped off the paint as I went.  I just used an old cloth diaper for the wiping part.

When I first began the wiping process, I waited a bit longer that I should have.  I wouldn’t wait more that 2-3 minutes if you want a true whitewash and not an antiqued paint look.  But again, its all about the character of each individual piece, and the sections that I waited around 5 minutes to wipe off still look fab.

Lastly, I sprayed on a semi-gloss protective coat to finish it off. I let the white paint dry for a couple of hours before applying the finish.

Here are the products I used.




I love our new table! It makes a great background for blog posts.

I even had some left over mixture to white wash a couple of my planters outside.



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