Sunrise, Surfing, and Spousal Sentiments

20131022-165727.jpgIt was a full moon. A storm was brewing in Japan and the Kona winds had created the ultimate scenario for spending our Sunday at the liquid chapel. With a swift, spontaneous decision, we decided to pack up and head on the road to camp out at one of our favorite secret spots. If you live on Maui and know this little island we call home, the pictures will give away our location, but if not, I’ll never tell.

I love my hubs and I get excited about the things he is excited about. Out of the many things he excels at, he is an outstanding surfer. Many who know him will tell you that, but he would never admit it himself. I really enjoy going to the beach with him when he surfs. I love watching him in action, punting airs and pulling into barrels, doing things the upcoming Maui groms in magazines are notorious for. I cheer him on, on the inside. “Yah, babe! Good one!” He would never hear me over the pounding waves or my pounding heart. I always make sure to show the kids from shore, “Look, there’s Daddy on that huge wave!” Hoping they share my enthusiasm for our fearless family leader.

I hope and pray that my son grows up to be as rad as his dad….not just a great surfer, but a great man. A lover of all that is good. And also, for my daughter that she would someday find a husband as fun and selfless and exceptional.




I wish I got better shots. This series was taken just at the crack of dawn and I needed to put my camera down to attend to our awakening love children.






I decided to try my hand at Favorites Friday.
There is always something I am buzzing about.
So for my FF debut, I’ve decided on my current Pandora station. Lorde.

I’m sure most have heard this young(she is only 16!) kiwi’s hit Royals, but my hubs turned me on to her newest album that just came out a couple of weeks ago. Kudos to her producers! I’m loving the harmonies and the unique drum beats. Puts me in the mood to get things done.
This Pandora station plays the likes of Lana Del Ray, Ellie Golding, One Republic, and Florence +the Machine.
Any Pandora station recommendations out there?


One thing I absolutely miss the most about living on the mainland, besides the relationships, is fall. I miss the crisp air that gives you freshly flushed cheeks. I miss the gorgeous display of trees whose leaves have changed to amazing hues of orange. I miss wearing boots and jeans and a cozy sweater, all at the same time.

Here on Maui, I like to pretend.

After picking up a perfectly made, pumpkin spiced latte and having the right tunes on in my car….a drop in temperature with a trip to Kula always does the trick!
I’m so grateful for Maui’s one and only pumpkin patch at Kula Country Farms. It’s always a fun time for the whole family. The farm does a fantastic job at keeping everyone entertained. The view alone is astonishing. They also have a children’s garden, a corn maze, and farm animals. This year we went closer to the middle of the month to ensure prime pumpkin picking.







Mahalo to Kula Country Farms! Every year just gets better and better….And I get my fall fix.