Waihou Springs Forrest Reserve

Today we set off to Olinda with some friends. The top of Olinda Rd was our destination.

The temperature drops a few degrees, so if you plan on going early morning or evening time, I would suggest bringing a long sleeve. We went during high sun hours and it was pretty comfortable.

The journey is short, and the beginning of this hike is very easy. Once you get to the overlook, if you decide to hike down, you go through a series of switchbacks along the side of the ravine.

The bottom is pretty neat. There are lava tubes and a dried up stream, surrounded by moss and ferns. Green everywhere.

The hike down was a breeze, but the way back up was gnarly….especially carrying an extra 25 lbs of baby on my back! I definitely do NoT recommend taking a young child down to the bottom, unless you are a trained athlete, lol!

My favorite part of this hike was that all of my senses were entertained. The scattered panoramic views of central Maui, that peeked through the trees, were stunning. The smell of newly expressed oxygen, with a hint of pine and eucalyptus were refreshing. And the sound of rustling leaves, as the wind passed through, were so delightful!


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