My name

Seanna. Say it with me, “See-Ah-Na”. Not Shawna or Sienna or Fionna (surprisingly, I get that one a lot when I introduce myself). I’m always letting people know its Sea, like the ocean. One of my collage besties said, that after first meeting me, she would remember the correct pronunciation of my name by thinking, “on a sea.” Here is the story….back in 1981, my mother was very fond of a perfume called Tatiana. She loved that name. Since I was to be born in Hawaii, my parents wanted my name to have something to do with the ocean. Their first choice was Oceana. Oceana was the name of a restaurant in Honolulu, so they decided to scratch that. Thank the Lord. They settled on Seanna. Yay! My closest friends and family just call me Sea. I truly love my name and couldn’t imagine myself being called anything else…the rose would not smell as sweet. Thanks Mom and Dad, you did good!



One comment

  1. Lorena Shaw · September 11, 2013

    So happy that you love your name, you certainly have embraced it through your love of the ocean and now this wonderful blog.

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